To make the very finest footwear in terms of fine materials, styling, and workmanship.
Noel Escobar - The owner, Texas Custom Boots

Owner Noel Escobar is proud of the company mission and Texas Custom Boots stands behind every pair of handmade footwear made. Visit our facility in Austin and see for yourself the craftsmanship and care that goes into every pair of footwear at Texas Custom Boots. Once you have seen the process, you’ll understand why so many people have chosen Texas Custom Boots for the finest in footwear available anywhere in the world.


" If the boot fits, you can be sure that is it custom-made."
-Carlos Hernandez

Texas Custom Boots Mural Art wall

For the past 37 years, Texas Custom Boots has been handmaking custom boots and leather accessories for their clients. The list of celebrities that wear boots made by Texas Custom Boots reads like a Hollywood Who’s Who. However, it isn’t who has bought the boots that makes a custom boot shop, it is the bootmakers. Texas Custom Boots has had the pleasure of working with some of the top bootmakers during the past.

In 1980, Master Bootmaker Alberto Lozano joined renowned bootmaker Carlos Hernandez, Jr. at Texas Custom Boots. Lozano had been trained in the design and fitting of handmade boots and shoes in Laredo, Texas for many years. Hernandez, like his father before him, was the top bootmaker at Lucchese Boots in San Antonio before moving to Austin to work for Texas Custom Boots.

The two masters worked together for many years at Texas Custom Boots where they applied their own unique skills to assure that every pair of handmade boots were a perfect design and fit for the client. Carlos passed in 1984 and Lozano became the lead bootmaker at Texas Custom Boots

In 2003, Jesus “Chuy” Soberon, already a bootmaker of renown, went to work at Texas Custom Boots and quickly took over the boot construction from Lozano, who was able to concentrate on stitching the tops. The two worked together for three years before Lozano’s eyesight began failing, forcing him into retirement in 2006. Chuy picked up the job of top stitcher in addition to the boot construction and today carries on the tradition of creating exciting designs in the finest calf and exotic leathers available.


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